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About us

La Maison Nicolas offers timeless natural stone and wood floors from around the world to use in residential and commercial projects. We can procure some of the world's finest materials; from classic, rustic, or modern for both interior and exterior projects anywhere in the USA and abroad.


We provide top quality materials and knowledgeable staff, who once engaged in a project, provide on-site visits, samples, and technical information.


We stock a wide range of flooring on the West Coast. In addition, our factories are able to manufacture everything from custom floorings, complex elevations, stairs and swimming pools, to fountains and fireplaces.  It is our ability to meet our clients' design and architectural needs that makes us so good at what we do. 


We invite you to visit our beautiful showroom located in Burlingame to peruse our collections and discuss your project with one of our senior associates.

La Maison Nicolas - Broadway Facade.jpg

" La Maison Nicolas is born from the desire to offer the finishes that architects, designers, and home owners need to create and transform their dwellings into something more than just a place to stay, but rather into the expression of their dreams and passions,  a home, or as we say in France, une Maison. "

Nicolas Guillaume

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